Chicken also happy with Obama

"Apathy is greater threat to democracy"
-an article in San Jose Newspaper.

This week the euphoria seems doomed, while American now taking morning after pill facing grim of their economy future. While some people seemed envy with Obama party in Indonesia, I choose to sit. Either mourning to the death of terrorist nor sorry for the families of the Bali's victims and the JI's.

Mr. C off to Formosa so this is round-up weekend mostly on my own :

  • Photographer David Katz produced candid photos of Obama and family before acceptance speech on 4th November 2008. It's gave insight view what happen behind the stage.
  • Chicken in California also welcomed with Election 08. Proposition 2 which gave protection against animal cruelty won 63% to reserve its welfare. Means : Chicken will free cage to produce eggs and better environment on the farm. Hmm increase price?
  • Officially I am member of Sierra Club founded by John Muir. This is second club I've joint after National Geographic.
  • Planning an escape route sometime on December. I want to see white snow!
  • Making second Ciabatta. This time more flavor. I told Mr. C that I am better on kneading than him :)
  • Sneak in watching RocknRolla (Guy Ritchie) on Friday. It's darn AWESOME!
  • Spent some bucks for pizza stone. We've need it to achieve crisp layer when baking.
  • Saturday was gray weather, manajed to cycle down to Farmer Market in Sunnyvale. Buying some exotic fruits called guava (aka jambu). Taste awful compare to javanese one. The skin bit bitter and tough.
  • Pop in book shop to get a second hand book by Prof Lawrence Lessig : Remix. It's about copyright and derivative artworks. He gave evidence on case of JK Rowling who want to stop a fan publish companion book of Harry Potter. Lessig also founder of Creative Commons (CC). I spent Saturday evening read this book. Radical change that I can not accept it yet.
  • Sunday morning I spent reading newspaper (I addicted with Sunday paper). Then off to Rancho San Antonio Open Space Preserve at 10.30am. Already packed with people, I choose PG&E Trail which is very quiet. This route pretty demanding, although straight forward to the hill. It took me 1 hour 20 minutes to reach the peak without stop. Then another easy down while enjoying blue jay birds and deer among the trees.
I am bit tired now.

Note :
Prof Lessig published another book called Free Culture. You can download at here as under CC. If you interresting more try Cory Doctorow's collections of essays : Contents.