Himalaya : a little note pasca trekking

I am just back from three weeks traveling at Everest Region in Nepal. Being in the Himalayan's range was a great experiences for me. Now I understand the lure of travelers or mountaineers who seeking their aim to conquer those magnificent peaks. I have been reading Maurice Herzog, Sir Chris Bonnington, Jon Krakauer, Arlene Blum, Anatoli Boukreev even Harrer to give me enough background history of people's race in mountaineering or just simply like Sir Hillary who dedicated himself for education in Nepal.

Also enduring my stamina, challenge my ability in such harsh environment led me to understand that nature can not been fight. It has to be our human's ability to cope and survive to continue our life. The best thing about the journey was I am getting know the Nepalis cultures (apparently there are more than 40 tribes vast spread from mountains to low land area), about people, about their way to life.

I will write the journal in Bahasa Indonesia since I did not found references available for the public in those language. Indonesia put their foot on top of Everest exactly 10 years ago, but no further attempts in Himalaya. Hopefully it will endure another people to pay respect the greatness of nature, make another trip to Himalaya. I am just ordinary woman, fit and kere enough to walk up into 5600m high. I believe you can do it as well !