MOO-Flickr Mini Card : yeah it's posh but....

Ok I am a flickrsm now. I want something more that Flickr can offer me. So I decided to try their MOO Mini Card. Basically you create your name card based from your photos collections or gallery that mini moo provide it. You can created 100 mini cards with ‘posh’ packaging and high quality print.

I have to admit that I put high expectation into it. I have seen many Flickrm guys with their fantastic mini cards showed in MOO Groups. It took only 8 days since I ordered it and turned out into small packages in my front door.

It took 10 minutes to select my photos, cropping, personalized and paid in debit card. Very quick and efficient. I was thought that MOO is part of Flickr but it wasn’t. It’s only small company in London (yes..surprise..surprise) which dedicated in printing.

Today I received the package. I am not really impressed by the print quality. They are using very fine paper but the colour just horrible. I was thinking that it was because of my computer monitor not calibrated properly. But hey mates…I am using iMac screen available for 16bits pictures. Hallo? Someone in MOO using the same monitor ?

I am only put blame because of the photos resolution. Since Flickr limit the size of each photo you’ve upload (10MB) I felt restricted with that. Anyway due copyright reason I put low resolution. I know I am CC fans but seemed not many people understand of Creative Commons these days.

Overall : 5 from 10 point