One Saturday with One Brick

I am looking for activity that keep me fit ('ve name it!) but getting to know new environment in America by being active in locals would be positive ones. Mr C came with suggestion to let my hands dirty and getting sweat with One Brick.

One Brick is volunteer program design to freelancer -which you can choose any activity you've want to get involved. When I checked their program last week, there is program landscaping in East Palo Alto School -right by San Francisco Bay Natural Reserve. I thought that would be great as I missed gardening so much and like to know what kind plants or fruits that stand into California's harsh soil.

It was start 9am to 12pm as it took only 15 minutes drive from home. My project leader was Lucy and Lizy. They've been involved with One Brick quite sometimes ago. Our job that day was weeding the corner of pond and rock garden, cleaning up ready for laying new mulch.

The garden is really nice, right on the corner of Runnymede Road -with cycle path alongside the bay.The garden size about 40X30m with several sheds. There were vegetable patches circling the wire dome designed for tree climbers. I can see clearly that these is new garden, probably less than 2 year old. But the collections is amazing. Lots of fruits tree mainly oranges (remember California's oranges then!), strawberry, and few grapes tree climbed the fence separated from playing area. The school is among developed area where most of people living here are Spanish speaker.

I did enjoy the jobs. There were about 11 people turned up that day. Liliane from Brazil, two students from Stanford, two marathon runners, and others whom I regarded with their high spirit. There are other groups from neighboring people. It was quite mixed between the school own projects and One Brick Volunteer.

It's good to get dirty again!

Gallery pictures from One Brick at here