Great work for WWPanorama

Finnaly my first VR Pano been approved by the team at World Wide Panorama. Thanks Landis, D Bain and Markus !! I am sure all of you were not sleep in the last few days for re-design the site. It is easy guide web that lead viewer to a great collection of 256 panorama from 46 country in small and fullscreen VR. This theme "Water" came up with less text and more pictures (ye..peee..).

Based on three categories : photographer's name, region and map. I found map system was great based on location of the picture and little thumbnails help you to peek the scene. Added sound look fussy, it just little bit boring. Anyway enjoy....


ambaradventure said…
QTVR stop updating. I don't know why. I guess so many good stuff out there and most of them you will get it free !!

QTVR also not really friendly with Mac OS X. They work perfectly at the 9 Classic or the QT Pro 6. Most of VR Photos now for real estate marketing or promoting for tourism.

Thanks Macnoto !
Hany said…
keyeeeennnn..... kapan2 tak cobo.