Bats of Borneo in v-blog

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This is our second v-blog, with music add on. I am still working on the text etc. I thought I put the title already but definetly I forgot to update the setting (ups..!). I combined with pictures to get more details of the Deer Cave of Borneo with soundtrack "Mirage" from Kitaro. For pictures we used Nikon DSLR D70 and old camera Pentax Optio 330GS. For video recording we set the Pentax for about less than a minute without sound. As a note : we don't have a videocam !!!

So you would be able to see the quality little bit flawed compared with our first v-blog - Jaipong dancer. That was using Nikon Coolpix 5700 which has video record and sound. It was superb with movement of the dancer so fast that on my screen looked great. I created QT with iMovie and Internet Archive for storing. With size of 4.8M it took at least 15 minutes to store in remote cluster. Any comments welcome, specially from PC users !


Hello again, That is amazing vlog of streaming bats out of the cave. Did you shoot the video? Wow! I see you live in Singapore.
ambaradventure said…
yes I did the shoot. It was dawn so the lighting really poor. My camera did not support sound and we were in middle of Borneo jungle. No regret though :)