Jakarta Post Weekender : Are you a good blogger?

I've been honored that this blog listed as one of good blogs based from the article Words from Afar in Jakarta Post Weekender August 2008. Thanks to Yiyit in Australia with her piece to investigate alternative media to connect our roots. The article digging into blogs as a media to communicate with family and friends while you're living abroad.

You've probably could not see Cerita Ambar in online version, instead it appeared as sidebar column. Actually those column has more intriguing notes which one of them is :

What makes a good blogger.

According to people interviewed for this article a good blogger :
  • consistently produces good quality articles -using good grammar and research or analysis, if necessary
  • is able to keep a cool head -a blogger should be wary of overreacting to criticisms
  • has the courtesy to leave authored (not anonymous) comments on blogs that she/he; and respond on comments that have been left on his/her blog, although is not compulsory
  • understand the consensus within a given community or network. The more one blogs in a specific community, the more one understand the unwritten, unendorsed rules of the game being played.

Speaking about unwritten rules? agreed, that you've need skill to read behind the words.

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