Direct flight Taiwan-China

I heard a good news about direct flight from China Mainland to Taiwan. I experienced the inconvenient travel regarding those countries (if we agree Taiwan is part of China then only one country). You've got catch flight to Hongkong from Tao Yuan Airport then embark any other part of China by ferry to Shekou in Shenzhen for example. So today flight will open six decades paralyzed the tourism industry on both.

At first flight this week will follow another Friday to Monday only until the other agreements met bot parties. The chartered flight mostly to cater 36 round trip and limitation of 3,000 a day Chinese national arrived in Taiwan.

There will be 36 round-trip flights across the Taiwan Strait weekly, operating from Friday to Monday between six Taiwanese airports and five on the mainland.

Airlines who possible services these travel are :
Taiwan's China Airlines
Eva Air
China's China Eastern (based in Shanghai)
Hainan Airlines
Air China (based in Beijing)
China's China Southern (based in Guangzhou)

While Cathay Pacific based in Hongkong profiting as hub to mainland in recent situation will faces challenges from those airlines.