Stonehenge : the mystery continues


I visited Stonehenge one of World Heritage site on summer two years ago. It was mixed between disappointed and blessed. I am glad that finally I stood in the most mysterious ancient site in Europe but also discouraged by the way of managing visitor.

You've probably imagine standing in serene landscape, try to catch the enigma surrounding the stones. But the fact that Stonehenge lied between busy A303 and A344 roads obviously ruins the atmosphere. Not including scattered visitor cars and coaches that been direct to parking area like ditch with small registration office. You will not be able to touch the stone since there is special path created by circulating the henge with sort of barrier. The only guide is an electronics devices with earphone tells you specific point, background and stories behind it. Mr C who accompanied me said when he was visiting Stonehenge many decades ago, he even climbing on top of the henge!

Rest of the day, me and Mr C argued about what we should do for Stonehenge. As designer I will propose greater site to rescue the landscape. Visitor Center including parking and public services should be separated minimum 1 mile from the site. I defended my argument that visitor coming to Stonehenge expect the grand view, then we will give it to them. Means that visitor has to prepare to take a longer walk to the location. Mr C keep telling me that most of tourist were lazy (hmm... by looking coaches with so many Asian tourist?). They are not willing to walk in such distance. I will say, why not? let's create better site then.

It turned out that my idea similar with The Future of Stonehenge Project by English Heritage. They even have radical changes by building tunnel at road A303 and then removing A344. I thought that is brilliant idea. But yes it will cost a massive £67.5m!

Apart from that I am waiting for next program about Stonehenge Decoded by Nat Geo on 1st June 2008. I heard about extensive excavation in Stonehenge site by team of leading archaeologist in Britain. Even now still mystery why people built this site. Do not mention about UFO but I like Nigel Tufnel theories though...

Now, I am thinking to see Indiana Jones in action.