Lightroom 2.0 Beta : More powerful than ever!

I have been play around with Lightroom LR since Adobe launched the Beta version on their Adobe Labs. two years ago. It's different with Adobe Photoshop PS CS series -it's big sista which purposely to web designer. I felt that PS CS quite handy but it doesn't have photographer's mind. It just different way of thinking.

I'm prefer Lightroom than Aperture from Apple in the way they managed metadata and filing systems. Both got ability doing RAW format, non-destructible and easy to send as print or web gallery.

This is the LR 2.0 which had opportunity to come close to Adobe Photoshop. It has auto mask to tweak exposure in selected area. You can dodge, burn, split toning as you do in layers on PS. Wow!

Other thing that new with LR 2.0 is Print Tools to combine photos in canvas automatically. I found this is really useful as I have to export to PS and bring back to Lightroom. It's time consuming and make work flow even longer.

If you new with LR you've need someone to invite you to try this out and only 30 days free. The Beta version will last until August 2008. But if you've already have the older Lightroom you will get it straight away from Adobe Labs. The only thing that annoy me I could not transfer catalogue from previous version. Means I have to create another catalogue by import new photos, possibility losing my editing.

The online training about Lightroom 2.0 Beta is in The Online Training Library. You will need Quicktime to see the program by photographer Chris Orwig . It's really fascinating.