Sierra at Tahoe : Aching but wonderful

My legs still aching, my shoulder still stiff but I did enjoy rounding around hills in South Lake Tahoe again. Last year we went to Heavenly but his time we went to Sierra at Tahoe, did most of my training with private instructor, free of charge. Thanks to Mr C for his 'patient' and grueling lessons.

Day 1 (Saturday 29th 9am to 4pm) was mostly sunshine, no windy at all. Ski surfaces was perfect, bit sludgy caused by heat from the sun. I did easy rider for few runs and decided to go to Grand View with mellow yellow line - an easy long stretch skiing. Took me nearly 45 minutes to finish, most of it try to lift up confidence. Mr instructor quite happy with that and persuaded me to take more challenge on the next day.

Day 2 (Sunday 30th-9am to 2pm) was lot cooler than yesterday. Wind was pretty strong on top of the hills. Snow rain in the morning, continued until late afternoon. Ski surfaces mixed between solid ice and nice powdery fresh snow. The conditions were great for practicing in difficult situation. We did Grand View again but wandering in the back of the hill. I should say that was really challenging. Big slopes, sometime quite narrow. Controlling is more difficult with icy and marked from snow grooming machine.

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