Sensor Faulty at Nikon Coolpix 5700

We bought the Nikon CP5700 about four years ago as my first pro-consumer camera. I’d thought it has good quality manual control and reasonable quality images. But since we’ve play with DSLR more we totally neglected it ; still on the box under the void in UK.

Then it was the coincidence that my sis-in-law would like to give a try photography as part of her teacher training in University of Exeter. Then we came to realisation that Nikon CP 5700 got very serous problem.

The images on viewfinder turned to grey, streaky without any clear definition. We thought the camera is dead due the prolong unused or probably damaged during transfer across continent.
Surely that exactly happens with my father-in-law's camera. We bought CP5700 about same quarter period. Both in UK, while I bought through online retailer (I couldn’t recall which one).

The faulty that occurred in this camera related sensor from Sony. If you have COOLPIX SQ, COOLPIX 3100 or COOLPIX 5700 facing these symptoms:

Images displayed on the monitor, in both shooting preview and post-recording playback exhibit one of the following:
- Images exhibit a strong colour tint.
- Images are totally black.

- Images appear corrupted.

- Images contain vertical lines or bands.

- Images contain horizontal lines or bands.

We manage sent it to Nikon Centre nearby to get fully repair. It will take 12 days (date from receipt). Hopefully this will resurrect my CP.

For more information please see this Nikon’s announcement (Europe site)