Magsafe : another rip-off from Apple

I have been using Macbook Black 13 inc for more than a year when I realised there were something not quite right about the magnetic power connector called Magsafe. At first I thought that was good idea to hold to the machine not so tight. It’s neat and beautiful design. Soon it became apparent problem when I noticed that some pins were losing the grip.

In the past two weeks, the power supply did not charge properly. Sometimes it charged, sometime it didn’t. I suspected the bad connector from the pin which came off easily as I am quite mobile to take Macbook everywhere while travelling including outdoor.

I was waiting in pain when after all I back to Singapore the power charges virtually dead. The only possibility was to repair DIY of the connector for time being. Open the white plastic outside and looked the problem. This is the only way you can actually see inside the pins. Broken it in pieces. Then Ok we saw the problem. As we predicted the pins somehow lose the grips. Not the magnetic, nor the power adaptor. We were also smell burned from the pins as overheat occured. We've done everything to safe our computer and data caused by small bits of the pins!

The bad news was we couldn’t remember if the Macbook still under the 1 year warranty from Apple. So we braced ourselves came to the Services Centre in Epicentre Apple Reseller at Wheelock Place Orchard Rd, traced down when we bought it. After few arguments with the Apple's guy (note : seemed he more aware about this problem), we have to back home with head down.

The guy said that the pins was in ruin. He obviously can see the DIY job we’ve done. We explained that the only way to see the problem was by wrecked the plastic cover. I was in the middle Dorset in UK and urgently need the power. Should I wait the Apple service guy came to see it ? by flying across the continents in nearly half day flight? Come on guys..

We suggested to put the responsibility on 50-50. At least Apple was part of the mechanical disaster pins that led me without power. Unfortunately they won as we don’t want to argue even more for these stupid argument. I have to buy the new set of power connector at SGD$150 just to replace those bloody pins.

Suggestion :
So if you've got Macbook, be prepare for these pins problem. Check your due for 1 year warranty, make sure your power supply in top condition before end of the periods. Report if you suspect any reduce of performances.

Most of people faces the problem when Macbook about 12-14 month of the use. As mine was about 14.5 month after bought in early June but only been used about one month after those time.

Some review about Magsafe safety on Gizmodo and dramatic effect of burning pictures at Flickr

DIY = do-it-yourself