Long Route Yorshire Dales (highlight)

I am sitting in a beautiful old place called The Bluebell Inn in Kettlewell about 5 miles from Litton -a village we've stay during New Year Holiday writing this posting. It's quite surprising for me that I can found wi-fi in the middle of nowhere in Yorkshire Dales National Park. I am sitting comfortably, had a lovely dinner with pheasant meat served with mesh potatoes and vegetables with sauce. A trade mark of Yorkshire food !

It's been wonderful times in Dales so far. I had 4 days trekking which put me in total walk for 39 miles or 62km ! Waw....I am feeling great today, little bits aching legs. At 31 Dec we had long yomp in wet typical england's weather, then 10 miles in the next day thus another 9 miles on the next day. I had a day break which we spent 4 hours in another wi-fi in Escape restaurant in Skipton. Free !

I did gear test for my preparation into next big thing on April 2007. The result will come up soon. The test including stamina, oxygen capasity, new gear and toys etc.

I heard about incidents recently related with the missing flight of Adam Air and ferry sinking in Java sea. I felt sorry for the families who been through these.