Inong : A woman who love being (not) just a mother

I was in London in past two days away from computer etc. Then I got devastated news about Inong -a mutual friend from Singapore. She is a mother of two kids Syifa dan Zidan, a mother who actively put journal about their normal daily live in blog, a mother who love cooking, a mother who did wonderfully on literature and writing, a mother who winged about somebody stole her copyright in internet just for few dollars.

I did not know her pesonally. We met several times in Singapore during my 14 month living there. We had conference YM for every morning session in IndosingMums's chatting. I love her persistent of being productive mother both for her family and environment.

The news said she had a asthma attack that led her into coma. Her brain was starving for oxygen and damaged. She still in NUH at ICU room. Her two kids and Haris -her husband always in bedside along with friends. While here I'm only pray for a miracle happen.

Give her strength ...Zidan and Syifa pray for your mummy.

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