Earthquake in Jogja, Java

Just got call from a friend in Birmningham informed me about a massive earthquake in the city of Jogjakarta. It was hitting at 0554 local time (2253 GMT Friday), around 25km (15 miles) south of the city of Yogyakarta. I worried about my family who living in Bantul area where most the damaged occured. They are living in Banguntapan, near Kotagede in the border of Jogja-Bantul. I straight to go online news from local media (Liputan6 -this with video streaming, Detik, Kompas) to get of glimpse what happen. It looked terribly bad.

Frantic with news I called them through Skype to landline phone. I believed that would be no electricity nor mobilephone service on those affected area. The line went OK then I got my little sister. She said that everybody OK. My mum dan other sister went to Magetan (110km from Jogja) on that time, so there were only her and my dad at home.

She said the earhquake was tremendousely big, shaked the house badly. She was in her breakfast and did safe run with my dad. Bless them ! No damaged on their house, it just the roof tile cave in and broken plates. Several earhquakes followed after the 6.2 magnitute one.

On the time I wrote this, BBC News reported in a few details. If you want to see more technical information about this earthquake you can visit United State Geological Survey
USGS -a government body in USA which monitor the geological movement covers whole the world.

My condolence to people who died in this natural disaster.

Updated 1514(GMT) or 2114 (West Indonesia Time) :
  • BBC Journalist (Online Service) in UK asked me to interview my family. Not sure about this because I think they are not credible sources. So yeps...the BBC desperate to get news from Bantul. Anyone from that area please speak up !