Mt Rinjani : The best trek we've ever done

We reached Mt.Rinjani's peak after 4hours summit attack at monday morning. It was gorgeous! Previously we had 10 hours trekking from Sembalun Lawang to the camp just below the mountain. Monday afternoon, after 2hours rest we move on to the camp by Segara Anak lake. We had a good rest and managed to gain our strength for another day's trekking. On Tuesday at 6am we set off to Plawangan a favorite place for viewing the crater rim. At about mid day we reached Plawangan and had our last lunch at post III. An hour rest then we set off into the last stage of trekking, about 8km to Senaru which took 4hours with gentle slope. Finnaly we arrived Senaru at 3:30pm. This was the best trekking I've ever done. Only 3D/2N for about 26km plus the summit was very rewarding.

My experiment with GPS did not seem succesful. We had problem with battery supply, e-Trex couldn't pick any signal on the last stage due forest density. We had arranged taxi to pick us up at Senaru and take us to Mangsit -5km outside Senggigi where we found a place to stay. I am now sitting in backyard of Nusa Bunga with direct view to the beach. Today we are going to Gili Trawangan from Bangsal Harbour. Oh yeah with aching legs off course !

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wah selamat yah mencapai puncak rinjani..fotonya mana mbak? skr masih di lombok yaa?
Anonymous said…
aku ada rencana naik ke rinjani kira-kira makan waktu berapa lama klo star dr mataram
Anonymous said…
abah aqis: terserah dengan kemampuan anda. Klo naik taksi ke sembalun lawang cuma 2 jam dan bisa langsung start (pagi). Kami memakai pola 3D/2N dengan rute sembalun lawang - summit -danau segara anak-senaru. Kalau mau enjoy tambah semalem lagi untuk mancing di danau