Me and Bandana (1)

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Indrani Soemardjan

I am not sure when I started wearing bandana. May be when I cut my hair just before moved in Singapore. Now growing wildly and became nuisance when sweaty (yukss...specially after running to catch the bus !).

Sugestion for other use of bandana :
[1] Tissue for wipe your face
[2] Cover your mouth and face if you'll rob the bank sory. I mean this is essential if you're riding motorcycle.
[3] Tea towel in the kitchen ...true someone use it when I was in Nias
[4] Bandage for first aid. It proven when I used it for a girl who been bitten by scorpio.
[5] Clean up my glasses when get steaming
[6] Perfect hiding for your spot and comedo
[7] Clean up my camera lenses when it get mucky
[8] Clear-up your buggies on the nostril (yeksss..)
[9] Wipe your computer screen when you spilled coke on it
[10] You look cool .....definitely !

Thanks Rani


Anonymous said…
mbar itu ekspresi 'bengongnya' bagus dech....
nuuul said…
hehehe, tukang cukur mahal yah di singapur :D
ambaradventure said…
hua hua emang pas bengong tuh (paling ngga bisa gaya...). Cukur di Sing emang mahal tapi alasan utama karena hawa panas jadi dicepakin. Abis 35 pounds !!! *gubrakkk*
Linda said…
laen ya kalo fotografer itu kalo difoto, dapet aja enggelnya :)

ayo kapan mbak kita kopdaran??
Rani said…
cukur di singapur ada yg mayan terjangkau 10 dolar 15 menit :>
Anonymous said…
Hmmm.... mau foto bandanamania lagi? Tak cari dulu yak, buka2 laci...