My dilemma : Photo for Promoting Indonesia Tourism

Someone asked me to give permission for using one of my photo at Flickr to promote Indonesia's Tourism. I did not answer it straight away as I felt this request bit odd. The reason is because she said that she is represent one of Government Department in Indonesia, but in fact she is acting as a contractor to design leaflet and brochure to produce flayer or sort of printing product.

Dear ,

Regarding your photos at flickr, we represent Department Kelautan dan Perikanan (non profit organization), would like to ask to use your photos for promoting Indonesia Tourism purpose (Brochure, Booklet, etc). Bellow is the photos we are interested at:

sirombu beach, pulau nias Indonesia -another side
Pulau Nias is a tiny island off Sumatra. It was badly damaged by earthquake in 2005 followed by tsunami. It seemed forgotten by world as every eyes goes to Aceh region where nearly 200,000 people died after the boxing day tsunami. Nias is world famous for surfing as it's shore facing Indian Ocean. Still remote but beauty.

We need photo with 3000 x 4000 pixel, 300 dpi, 8” x 12” (landscape or portrait) approx 5 MB.
Please inform how can we use your photos for above purpose.

Thanks with Best Regards,


Through intensive discussion with my other half, I refused those request based on :

  1. Since she is not working for government directly, I assumed she is only the third party that I can not trust anyway.
  2. If she is been contract (or works to produce the adverts material), she obliged to pay my photos (I will charge in minimum fees, really) albeit saying that come from non profit organization.
  3. I think she try to confuse me that Department of Marine and Fishery is non profit organization. In fact so called non profit is non government organization (NGOs) or grass root parties. Or she might just plain dumb?
  4. Permission of use means I have to give all the use which is I can not control the numbers (how many she will produce), scope (she said brochure etc but how on earth I will believe this), any sort of photos release (only one photo but she asked high resolution).

I am disappointing for this request that show lacked of understanding in terms of photography right. I suggest anyone who want cheap easy way to get free photos with high quality, please use proper ways. Such as : use format of paper release (usually come with simple contract).

Not because I did not support the Indonesia's effort to bring it's tourism potential to the world, but please use manner and common attitute to start with.

Note : some of my photo at Flickr been used Nowpublic to support their article, but mainly for internet quality with Creative Commons.