Introducing Our Daughter Kesi

She was only few months old when her mother had been killed. Her left hand been chopped brutally when Kesi tried to run away. Abandoned, hungry and confused she did not know where to stay or how to survive. With cute black eyes she seemed looking for hope, therefor she could not live without help.

We adopted Kesi as our daughter by supporting her life in rehabilitation at Nyaru Menteng, about 28 km from Palangka Raya, Kalimantan (Indonesia Borneo) –an island which suffered deforestation highest number two in the world. We’ve witnessed how the lush green of tropical forest turned into palm oil, ruining biodiversity and their animal. Orang Utan is in danger as their habitat was hurt first by deforestation. It’s almost sad when I read that even scientist and conservationist now couldn’t find wild orangutans. Most of them adjust by living in the scarce area, left over jungle.

Baby orangutan like Kesi don’t have capability to survive since it’s hasn’t developed skill to feed themselves. She might end up as domestic orangutan to help farmer harvest the coconut, or tragically living as street performer without adequate food and living. She also lost contact with her habitat, stole from her environment.

Decision to adopt her basically is usage of our Carbon Footprint that we’ve produced in the last two years. I withheld the payment, looking for alternative such as planting the trees or education sectors. Then I came to realization that helping Orang Utan is the best I can do. I read in the National Geographic article that Orang Utan actually in the brink of extinction. Not only by deforestation but also by climate change. In the other hand animal extinction also the greatest threat to mankind. (It’s ironic that Orang Utan name is person in the forest, which pressed that this animal always regarded as a friend to human).

The process was quite straight forward. Through BOS (Borneo Orangutan Survival) in UK I managed to get through. There were also another BOS in USA-International, Australia, Sweden and Indonesia as well if you want to participate either as volunteer or supporter. As part of educate public and putting the issue about rehabilitation, BOS campaign this week 10-17 November 2008 to become Orangutan Awareness Week.

Tips from BOS to help Orangutan by:
I am not the only one who adopt Kesi, it turned out that a Princess also become her mum. Hopefully I can help more orangutan in the future.

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