Hong Kong Airport : the best in the world?

Well, at least that was the Hong Kong Airport as the best in this globe. The survey carried out by Skytrax World Airport Award 2008. This is the 7th time HK on the first pole successively . Skytrax said the survey

...are based on the results from 8.2 million questionnaires completed by airline passengers in 2007/8, covering more than 190 airports worldwide. The survey evaluates traveller experiences across 39 different airport service and product factors .... from check-in, arrivals, transfer through to departure at the gate.

You might wondered the second? yup it's Changi Airport the closet rival. Then followed by Seoul Incheon, KLIA Malaysia and Munich Airport. Do you see that 4 of them are from Asia?

San Francisco
came as the best airport in North America. I couldn't agree anymore since this is the only airport I used when commute across Atlantic. I found that online polling sometimes did not reflect the true opinion. I wasn't happy in Hong Kong. It was cold, gloomy and not friendly. It does have the facilities but doesn't have the warm. While Singapore might protested that on 2007 they've just started to operate shiny new terminal. In my opinion Changi is still the best.

So what do you think?