Typhoon Chaser : Krosa 2007

Since move in Taipei, we've experienced second supertyphoon. It's called Krosa, means bird crane in Khmer language, is typhoon no 15 on this year alone. Two weeks ago, Sepat was only passing Taipei in slight effect.

Local TV and Central Weather Bureau in Taiwan gives realtime development how the typhoon build-up, including prediction of the eye landed. We also monitor the situation from typhoon websites in Philippine, Japan, and UK.

Saturday morning, weather turned to grey then rain pondering about mid afternoon. Gusty wind picked up about 2pm, battering streets, building and coast area.

We were watching from 10th floor, witnessed how the weather diminished very quickly. For getting closer we chased the effect of typhoon, running to the neighborhood streets.

We saw few people struggling to cross the road, fell over from motorbike, sign post blown away. The debris from the tree were scattered on the kerb. Mr C had to rescue a lady who been stranded on the electricity pole in the middle of Zhongxiao Rd Sec 5. She managed to continue her trip by MRT.

Video of chasing the Krosa here.