Ordinary Saturday Night in Palo Alto

If I am talking about pub most of you will remember about how dingy and dodgy place such in Indonesia. Pub also referring to karaoke, girls with sexy skirt or lines of man or women looking for one night stand. Nups...not even closer than that.

In England pub (the name is : public house sort as pub) is just like "angkringan" a place where man gathering in localized street vendor enjoy coffee or tea in my hometown Jogja. We are talking about anything to nothing, politics to completely rubbish conversation. I used to stay overnight in angkringan with my buddies back in uni dark ages. It was an escaped melting pot for insomniac like we do. Assignments, projects, magazine, reports, papers, printing etc will cost our night and we were just bumped each other in indomie ( a bowl of egg noddle) and wedang jahe (a glass of hot ginger tea).

My affair beginning with walking in england country-site. I always wonder why these people wandering around villages for 7-10 miles for a route to get a glass of beer in pub ? And then I understand when we had long walk in winter, cold, breezy day all you want just some place that warm. Pub historically dating back in Gregorian life when people traveling with horses. Pub stared servicing accommodation and became INN or hostel.

In America pub's tradition not entirely like british. People here know better for 'bar' which also sell beverages. But bars perhaps were famous on coboy-indian movies. A place to meet, to gamble, to crawl and fighting ,ended up with shooting on the streets.

When we had a session on Saturday night in pub near Palo Alto, I thought I will see something different. Yes...no topless girls, no Hell's Angel ganks. Only plenty peanuts (free !), beers, and games such as dart, pool, and american football table. Van Hallen in the background while we were playing darts made me back to early 80's. Graffiti in the wall full of people's name or some formula's wrote by silicon valley geeks and left over peanuts on the floor. The owner obviously di not bother to sweep the floor so often. It was a dingy but lot more fun .....

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