Flickrsm : I am Not Pro Photographer (yet)

I am using Flickr for nearly a year now, mainly for blogging and fun stuff. Since Yahoo! bought them I found it extremely difficult to maintain my account. Yahoo! urged their user to have a flickr through their ID. But the problem is I used my Yahoo! ID already to be a original Flickr member. So yes, in fact I have two flickr account one with the old skool ID and other one with bloody Y!

I don't understand why Y! try to expand their services which they already have Yahoo Photos. In deep down my heart I am agree with Thomas Muller who protested with Flick Off !
As consumer it was just confusing how to re-create your pages. It felt like you've been strict from freedom. In the other hand I am not ready to declare myself as a "pro" How on earth a rookie like me who barely got camera a year ago then say, "Hi guys I am photographer now !" >> easy someone claim it in these days. Anyway, now I decided to go Flickr Pro after so many hassle and pester. There are few reasons :

  1. On free service you've only upload 200 photos, 3 sets which is totally inadequate for me. Ok I can create another Y! account and automatically get another space for my 200 photos. It's short term solution I think. it won't work for me who taking picture almost everyday.
  2. I would like create an online port folio that satisfy me both in user friendly and viewer friendly.
  3. I can crossposting photo to Blogger page and Multiply page without sweating.
  4. US Dollar little bit weak now so I am happy that only spend $24.95 or equivalent with SGD39.49 for one year subscription. It's become chrismas pressie for my self.
  5. Flickr urged to use CC Licence for it's user which I supported most.
  6. The groups in Flickr were enormously rich with inspiring pictures from all around the world, sharing without any doubt of brilliant talent.
  7. They've been improved with so called 'geo tagging' that you can put the location where you took the picture. It's useful because it will recall my memory specially with our geographic frantic movement now on. Since Mark bought Nikon, we can play more with inbuilt GPS connector. Problem is : Yahoo! Maps seemed need updated. Places in UK are most inaccurate. Another problem : the price of the cable connector is too high end compare with GPS receiver available.
So have a fun then...