Ujung Kulon at SNAP Mags

It's been tremendeous time effort to put article+photos about Ujung Kulon National Park. I have been contacted by SNAP magazine to write my boat-trekking I have done four month ago. The Magazine is one of the Gramedia's arm -the biggest publisher in Indonesia. A friend of mine recommended me to their team (thank you Ariesnawaty !). The article is in the section called Jalan-jalan or Travelling with tittle "Sore Yang Tembaga di Ujung Jawa" or One Evening at The Tip of Jawa including tips carrying camera, back-up pictures and keep you camera safe from theft.

It's all started by mutual connection in mailing list and email in Indobackpacker and Highcamp. Both were the place I am hanging around with. It took three month from scratches into final work. Many thanks for SNAP, people who's been with me during the trip (Aris, Pak Komar, Charlie, Pak Karim and Pak Efi). It was a great journey !