I Had A Bit Fun with Flowers

I have to admit that macro photography is not my favorite. It's about technical bits on photography that you have to learn, specially when you using DSLR. I hate it really. But then I got to swallow the pill if I want to learn.

Armoured with tripod borrowed from my father in law, Sigma lens 105mm Macro which is we bought it second hand in Jessops, my beloved D70 and wireless remote control ML-L3 I went to the garden sett everything up. Oh also some pegs for holding the leaf dan petals of the flowers. It was sunny day, so I was lucky with the lighting.

At first I tried free hand which is lots difficult for focusing. I have to set in to manual otherwise the very slow Sigma lens could't cope with the movement (both my hand and the flower blew by the wind).

Ok, then tripod out. It much easier specially when D70 can be used with the remote control. Not too bad though. But the fun things about the macro is that you have to compensate many thing (mainly unpredictable elements), solving with the numbers and blah..blah terms in photography. Anyway I had a lots fun with flowers that day !

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