London : not just BIG Ben

This Thursday would be my last day in Singapore. I will move back to England, Weymouth to be excact. I am looking forward to this as I am never live in southern part of UK. I used to live in Birmingham, Solihull, Wolverhampton and Stratford-on-Avon. All were in Midlands and Warwickshire. What a nomad !

Being in London always enchanting for me. I love the architecture, language and fish'n chips. Most of my adventures in London were either paperwork things (facing immigration officer in the Indonesian Embassy), or having little walk or struggling looking for schengen visas. In London so many places that offer me a new horizon. My favorite actually Natural History Museum and Science Museum (for the genius Babbage Machine) and St Paul Cathedral (for the view from top).

The great buildings such as Gherkin and Llyod Buildings were among them. They are strange, unusual but full of imagination. Millenium Bridge was quite controversial when it need re-design after been found in terrifiying wobble (see picture with people's silhoutte).

On my arrival day will be time for release Da Vinci Code movie. Some of the setting on the book or in the movie I haven't visit them, such as Temple Church and Saint James Park. Next : might be going to Stonehenge (ancient rock formations) and the Royal Kew Garden (for their collection of tropical plants). I manage to visit them all ?